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May 28, 2019


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Journal of the Economic of Business and Finance

Vision * Message * Objectives


To be the first choice of researchers to publish their research in the field of economics, business and management, as well as the dissemination of scientific research presented in other specializations that directly relate to the economy in general.

Disseminate research in the area of ​​economics, business and management in accordance with international professional publishing standards.

– Participate in the scientific publishing service specialized in the field of economic and commercial sciences and management sciences through the dissemination of research and studies.
02– Achieve a scientific addition to researchers in economic studies through the content of the journal.
03– Open new spaces for local and international researchers to publish their research in economic scientific specializations.

Author’s guide

1-Technical rules of the article:

  1.  paper size 21 cm x 29.7 cm,
  2.  Margins (inverted): top: 1.0 cm – bottom : 1.0 cm – outside : 1.5 cm – inside : 2.5 cm.
  3.  Position: Top of page 0.7 cm – Footer 0.7 cm.
  4.  Quality of character in Arabic (Police): 14 Sakkal Majalla.
  5.  Quality of character in French: 14 Sakkal Majalla.
  6.  Titles: big with a space left of 1.15 between lines.
  7.  Text: Normal and the dimensions of the paragraph (between the lines) are (multi 1.15) and there is no space between the paragraphs.
  8.  Present two abstracts, one in the drafting language and the other in one of the following languages: Arabic, French or English, and each abstract must not exceed 08 lines.
  9.  The keywords are often identified by five -05- words, Sort alphabetically after each summary.
  10.  In addition, the classification must be consistent with the JEL  Classification, placed after the foreign language summary keywords.
  11.  Number of article page must not exceed  20  pages size A4.
  12.  List the bibliography and marginalization in the APA method, showing all the necessary data and placed in the last study and serialized as they appear.

– For more information please visit the websites specialized in explaining the APA method, We recommend you to visit this link:


13. Numbering of shapes, tables and drawings in sequential order, each individually.

2-  Rules for sending an article:

  1. The author must attach the CV with the article sent explaining his personal information.
  2. The research should be printed in accordance with the template, with the necessity of complying with the conditions and characteristics of the methodology and formality shown in the magazine template available through the Algerian Journal of Scientific Journals.
  3.  The article submitted is new and original, has not been published in other publications or presented as part of the activities of the seminar .
  4.  The sender of the article assumes full responsibility for the content of the research and undertakes to respect the ethics of scientific research. The opinions contained therein reflect only the opinion of the author of the article.
  5.  The authors must, upon notification by the referees, modify their articles in form and / or subject, submit them again according to the reports of the referees.
  6.  Items sent are not returned to their owners, whether published or not.
  7.  The article must be sent to the Algerian platform of scientific journals (ASJP) on the link of the journal: https://www.asjp.cerist.dz/en/PresentationRevue/468
  8. For more information on sending the file via the platform, see the illustration below, on pages: 05-06-07.
  9. Articles are received from 01 february  to 30 march for 1st issue , published on the 30 June , at the same time for the 2nd issue, articles are received from 01 september to 30 october, published on 30 December, in conjunction with each year.

Accept / reject the article:

– the acceptance of the article for arbitration and publication is subject to three basic conditions: Fill in the commitment form to be published and send it to the editorial board, compliance with publication requirements and measurement in which article corresponds with typical template articles, you can find them on the link to the magazine (Shown above).
– Articles submitted via the Algerian platform of scientific journals are accepted only, and the others are rejected.
– When the article is accepted, the review “ Economics of Business and Finance” is included in the editorial staff: transparency and integrity in the receipt and processing of displayed articles with ensuring the confidentiality of the authors when sending the articles to arbitration.
– The authors will be informed of the result of the arbitration of their articles, either by rejection or by acceptance.
– If the article is accepted for publication, the author agrees to publish and transfer the property rights on the journal “ Economics of Business and Finance “.
– Research accepted and published in the journal can’t be republished without the publisher’s consent.
– Accept articles with one or two authors only, If more than three are present, they will be rejected.
– For more information, please contact the editor of the review at the following address: Editor-in-Chief of the review
” Economics of Business and Finance” – University of El Oued
BP: 789 Wilaya of El Oued – Algiers

E-mail1: p-revue-eaf@univ-eloued.dz

E-mail2: revue39@gmail.com

Explanatory Annex about how to register and submit the article

via the site the platform of Algerian scientific journals : ASJP


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