Journal of business and finance economy: Specialized International Reviewed, free scientific journal, open-access, Bi-annual (June, December), It was founded in 2016, is issued and edited by the University of El Oued – Algeria. The journal focuses on field of Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Business, Management and, Accounting, Marketing, Business and International Management, Management of Technology and Innovation, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Strategy and Management, Information Systems and Management, and interest in the dissemination original applied research in three languages, Arabic, English and French. The journal aimed to attract researchers around the world by provide a scientific platform for discussion and contribution innovative researches, and make bridgs between researchers in Arab countries, Africa and from the world, to exchange experiences and results, to contribute the development and ensure a useful exchange of knowledge, and to find solutions for contemporary economic problems .

Covered fields

  • Leadership et gestion
  • Développement
  • Economie, Econométrie et Finance
  • Economie et Econométrie
  • La finance
  • Affaires, gestion et comptabilité
  • Comptabilité
  • Business et management international
  • Système de gestion d'informations
  • Marketing
  • Comportement organisationnel et gestion des ressources humains
  • Stratégie et gestion
  • Tourisme, loisirs et hôtellerie

Dear researchers,

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